Go From Overwhelmed to Empowered

We find these joys to be self-evident:
That all children are created whole,
endowed with innate intelligence,
with dignity and wonder, worthy of respect.
The embodiment of life, liberty and happiness,
children are original blessings,
here to learn their own song.
~ Raffi

We believe that all children are extraordinary.

All children are born with creativity, curiosity, and their own unique voice. They have an innate desire to explore the world around them, learn about it, and find their place in it. They come into this world with natural abilities.

But sometimes, they need a little help lining up with those abilities.

That’s where we come in.

It’s not about ‘fixing’ them so they can look like everyone else and do what everyone else does. It’s about helping them be successful in their own way.

All children are extraordinary. If yours is struggling, there are ways to help connect them with their inherent gifts.

This book is designed to help you figure out what that means for your child.

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Figuring out a path forward for struggling children can be fraught with obstacles.
Here’s how
Child Decoded can help with the most common ones we see.

Don’t know where to start?

This is the most common scenario we see: bewildered parents who aren’t even sure where the starting gate is. Let Child Decoded help you begin to fill in the picture and find a direction.

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Too much input?

Struggling children can elicit an overwhelming amount of data from evaluators. How do you sort through it all? Child Decoded can help you create a coherent path forward.

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Nothing seems to work?

Sometimes the struggle you’re seeing is just the tip of the iceberg. This can lead to frustration and ineffective therapies. Child Decoded helps you dig beneath the surface and find the root cause.

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Want more options?

No approach fits everyone; every child needs their own plan to unlock their potential. Child Decoded can help you explore solutions beyond the standard ones you’ve been given.

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Troubles staying sane?

Meeting a complex child’s needs can be exhausting and expensive. Child Decoded offers tips on choosing practitioners, streamlining your plan, case management, working with the school and keeping your child positive and on track.

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Praise for Child Decoded

“I don’t usually buy the books that I endorse. I will buy this book and keep it close at hand in my office. It is a wonderful, comprehensive tool for the parents of any child that is struggling. I will also use this book with the medical students and pediatric psychiatry residents that rotate with me to learn how to treat the whole child. What a valuable roadmap for healing!”

Scott Shannon, MD, Integrative Pediatric Psychiatrist, Author of Parenting the Whole Child

“As a public school developer for the past 10 years, I am most baffled by public education’s inability to truly personalize education. After one reading of the book, my ability to articulate a vision for a compassionate personalized education has skyrocketed. Child Decoded provides parents with a very clear resource that helps them unravel and identify their children’s distinct struggles.”

Elizabeth A. Wolfson, Chief Visionary Officer, Girls Athletic Leadership Schools Inc.

“This is an unprecedented resource for parents attempting to navigate in uncharted territory. I wish I’d had this book by my side as a pediatrician in primary care and as my own neurodiverse children entered school!”

Rachel Workman, ABP Board Certified in General Pediatrics

“A down-to-earth, practical guide to help both parents and teachers understand why a child is having difficulty with learning or behavioral problems.”

Temple Grandin, author of Thinking in Pictures: The Autistic Brain

Child Decoded is an essential tool for anyone seeking to build a well-informed and open-minded support system for a child who needs one… This format is excellently organized and highly accessible, with both clinical and anecdotal evidence corroborating the book’s overarching message of optimism and hope.

Clarion Foreword Reviews

Blending the depth of a medical reference book with the conversational tone of a wise, caring friend who’s been there, Child Decoded delves into a range of issues… Child Decoded is nearly flawless in its readability, presentation and storytelling, [with] intriguing and accessible explanations of certain conditions.

Starred Review, Blue Ink Reviews

“To my knowledge, a book of this type does not yet exist and is truly useful. The idea of summarizing types of practitioners and treatment approaches is unique. Parents tend to go where their pediatrician directs them and it’s not until they have been in the system for several years and know what the options are that they can then say, ‘oh, if we had only known about that option from the beginning.’

Lucy Jane Miller, PhD, OTR
Executive Director, STAR Center (Sensory Therapies and Research)
AuthorSensational Kids and Co-authorThe Out-of-Sync Child

“Child Decoded is a brilliant compilation of theories and suggestions by experts in their fields, in one easy-to-use resource. Over the course of my career, I personally worked with hundreds of parents. Many of them were stymied by the traits their children were displaying and didn’t know who to go to for answers. Others were baffled by the inner workings of the school district when it came to students with special needs. Child Decoded would have been the perfect reference to share with parents! I highly recommend Child Decoded for any parent with any unanswered questions or baffling challenges they may be facing.”

Ruth Anderson, Ed.D.